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Niagara Central Airport/Welland Airport
435 River Road, Hanger #1
Pelham Ontario, L3B 5N6


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Share the Tandem or PFF once-in-a-life-time experience with your family and friends by reserving your one-on-one camera-person!

Tandem and PFF skydives are available to be videoed by our professional team of freefall photographers. Your video will include a pre-jump interview, some gear-up & in-flight footage, the exit, freefall, as well as your parachute opening and landing, all edited to music for added flair. Videos are provided to you on our signature USB flash drives, allowing you to instantly transfer them to your computer, and upload to the internet to share (or brag about) with your friends.

Our team of freefall photographers are trained in two methods of capturing your skydive experience: Inside, and Outside photography. Inside video/photos are recorded using a wrist-mounted video system, and is able to capture every expression on your face the second it happens! This method of photography captures your experience from your point of view, and is unique to every individual skydive. Outside video/photos, meanwhile, are recorded using a helmet-mounted video system that is worn by a separate photographer who jumps with you. This method of photography captures your experience from a wider angle, allowing for more panoramic shots. 
There is a  price difference between Inside and Outside photography, and we assign photographers to each method based on the amount of space in our aircraft. Requests can be made for Inside or Outside photography, though we cannot promise you’ll receive your preferred method.