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PFF (Progressive Freefall)

First Jump - Progressive Freefall (PFF) skydive is for the take-charge, high-intensity type of person. This method of experiencing your first skydive starts with the 5-hour First Jump Course ground school, an Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) jump from 3,200 feet, and an additional hour of intensive training with two highly experienced PFF Instructors. You then put on your own parachute (supplied) and board the aircraft, climbing to 10,500 feet or 12,500 feet (depending on the aircraft used). After you reach altitude, you will receive a final safety check, your two instructors will take firm harness grips, & on your command, the three of you will exit the aircraft. Be prepared for the ultimate adrenaline rush as you accelerate to terminal velocity! Once at 5,500 feet you will deploy your own parachute and pilot it to the landing area with the assistance of your on-ground instructor, who will be communicating with you via a one-way radio. PFF is the ultimate rush: Independence - Altitude - Speed! Please note: First Jump PFF requires the ability to perform tasks and make decisions in an extremely fast moving, high risk environment. A full day commitment is necessary in order to safely complete the PFF skydive experience, due in part to the complexity of the required training prior to each jump, as well as the high qualifications of the instructors. Courses are limited in size so as to ensure all students receive proper one-on-one instruction.One tandem is required before you take this course

There is a video option available for Progressive Freefall skydives.

Progressive Freefall jump experiences are only available on Saturdays. Reservations are taken weekly May through October.

You must be 18 years of age, or older (regardless of parental consent), on the day that you arrive to skydive with us, and, you must have completed at least one (1) Tandem Skydive. Photo identification must be presented. All skydive students must weigh 235 lbs or less for the Tandem, Solo, and PFF courses.