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IAD Solo (Instructor Assisted Deployment)

Groups of 1-4 Groups of 5-9
Groups of 10+
$299 $289 $279

About the Instructor Assisted Deployment Skydive

The Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD Solo) Skydive is the first jump you will complete while wearing your own parachute, and is the stepping stone to obtaining your CSPA Solo Certificate, and ultimately your first "licence" level, the Class A Certificate of Proficiency.

The IAD Solo is designed for the person who wants to "take charge" of their skydive. The day begins with the First Jump Course, a 5-hour ground school that introduces you to the student parachute system, as well as the routines and techniques necessary to successfully complete your First Solo Jump. After the on-ground practice, you will get "geared-up" in our state-of-the-art student equipment, and you and your instructor will fly to 3,200 ft. You will then climb out of the plane and hang off the wing strut, watching the instructor for the "Go!". As you let go of the airplane, the instructor initiates your main parachute opening (this is called "Instructor Assisted Deployment" - IAD). It takes about 6 seconds for your parachute to open - talk about adrenaline rush! After opening, the on-ground instructor will talk to you via a one-way radio, giving instruction to help you fly and land your parachute!

The IAD Solo, including the First Jump Course, requires an all-day time commitment.

Please note: The First Solo Jump requires decision making in a high stress environment. One tandem is required before you take this course.


Reservations are now available for spring/summer 2020 through our online booking portal.

Instructor Assisted Deployment reservations are only available on Saturdays. Limited spaces are available to encourage physical distancing, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic. Reservations can be made weekly May to September. Reservations and proof of one (1) previous tandem skydive are required.


Planning your Skydive

   Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, additional protocols are in effect   

> The course starts promptly at 09:00 every Saturday. Plan on arriving for check-in at 08:45. You will undergo health screening and have your temperature taken prior to entry.

> You are required to wear a face mask.

> If you are redeeming any gift certificates or prepaid vouchers (e.g. WagJag, Groupon), you must bring a paper (printed) copy. Electronic or mobile app versions will not be accepted; physical distancing requires staff not to handle your mobile devices. Failure to have a printed copy will result in having to pay full price, pending verification of your voucher(s). If this occurs, once your voucher(s) have been verified, you will be refunded the difference from full price over the face value of your voucher(s).

> The course runs rain or shine. If the weather does not improve by the time the course concludes, you will be provided with options to return on a later date to complete your jump at no additional cost.

> You must bring proof of having previously completed at least one (1) Tandem skydive (e.g. jump certificate or skydive logbook). You cannot take the course, or complete any solo jumps, without proof. If your Tandem was with Niagara Skydive Centre, we just require the date you jumped with us.

> You are required to check-in online before arriving. Use of our check-in consoles at Manifest is reserved for those who do not have appropriate internet access.

> Expect to be at the drop zone for the full day.

> Understand that the course start time is not your actual jump time. You will likely be completing your jump mid- to late-afternoon, weather permitting.

> Wear comfortable clothing and sensible shoes. Sandals / flip flops are fine for the classroom part of the day, but you will need to bring running shoes to later change into.

> Consider bringing a snack with you, as there is no food service at the airport. We have plenty of picnic space available for you to use.


You must be at least 18 years of age (regardless of parental consent) on the day that you arrive to skydive with us. Government issued photo identification, such as a passport, driving licence, or provincial ID card, must be presented (Ontario Health Cards cannot be used). All skydive students must weigh 235 lbs (106 kg) or less for the Tandem, Solo, and PFF courses.

NOTE: You must have completed at least one (1) Tandem Skydive before registering for the IAD Solo Skydive.

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