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Camera Packages

Share your Tandem or PFF once-in-a-lifetime experience with your family and friends by choosing one of our professional camera packages!

Tandem and PFF skydives are available to be recorded by our professional team of freefall photographers. Your video will include a pre-jump interview, some gear-up & in-flight footage, the exit, freefall, as well as your parachute opening and landing, all edited to music for added flair. Videos are sent to you via email, allowing you to easily save them to your computer, share on social media, or email to family and friends so that you can share (or brag about) your skydiving experience.

Tandem Camera Packages

Our team of freefall photographers are trained in two methods of capturing your skydive experience: Inside, and Outside Perspective.
No matter which option you choose, you can expect the same structure in your video: a pre-jump interview, your flight up to 12,500 feet and tour around Niagara Falls, the skydive itself, and landing! All videos are between 4-8 minutes in length.
All camera packages include footage and photos of Niagara Falls1, as well as several hundred still photos from all parts of your skydiving experience!
Pricing for all camera packages is listed below. Prices do not include HST.
No Reservations Are Required - packages are always available! 2
Inside Perspective Outside Perspective Rockstar Package
$125 $165 $249


Inside Perspective - $125

Inside Perspective is recorded using a wrist-mounted camera system, and is able to capture every expression on your face the second it happens! This method of photography captures your experience from your point of view, and is unique to every individual skydive. An added bonus that comes with the Inside Perspective is footage and photos from under the parachute canopy, once it has been deployed by your Tandem Instructor.
Inclusions Specific to Inside Perspective
  • Skydive from YOUR point of view
  • Footage and images of you UNDER THE PARACHUTE once deployed
  • Footage and images of YOU controlling the parachute
  • Get a LONGER video with BONUS photos vs Outside Perspective
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Outside Perspective - $165

Outside Perspective is recorded using a helmet-mounted camera system that is worn by a separate photographer who jumps with you. This method of photography captures your experience from a wider angle, allowing for more panoramic shots. Seeing the airplane disappear into the distance, and watching your landing from the ground up, are some of the perks of Outside Perspective.
Inclusions Specific to Outside Perspective
  • Wider angle panoramic views
  • Full view of your aircraft exit
  • View of your landing from the ground up

Please Note: Outside Perspective is subject to limited availability.

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Rockstar Package - $249

For the best of both, we offer the Rockstar Package! This is the ULTIMATE package for those looking to get the most out of their skydive experience. The Rockstar Package includes both Inside and Outside Perspectives, all edited together.
Inclusions Specific to Rockstar
  • You get it ALL!
  • Get the LONGEST video with the MOST photos possible - it's the ULTIMATE PACKAGE!

To help you decide between camera packages, view our Camera Package Comparison Video!

Solo and PFF Camera Packages

For PFF students, you can choose to have your First PFF Skydive recorded by one of your PFF Instructors for just $95.00 plus HST! Similar to the Tandem camera packages, your PFF video will include a brief pre-jump interview, some of your ground prep and training, the flight to jump altitude, and your freefall. Still photos are not available, and are not included, with PFF Skydive videos.
For Solo IAD students, unfortunately, we do not offer any camera packages. This is both due to the low altitude from which you will be jumping from, as well as that you will be exiting by yourself, without an instructor. Feel free to invite spectators to take pictures!
1. Due to localised inclement weather, or other air traffic control restrictions that may be in effect, there may be some instances, although rare, where we are unable to over-fly Niagara Falls on your specific flight. In such cases, we may supplement your video with footage and photos of Niagara Falls that may not be from your actual flight.
2. Occasionally, although rare, your chosen package may not be available as a result operational reasons beyond our control. Due to this, we cannot accept reservations for camera packages, and we cannot guarantee that your chosen package will be available when you come to jump. Manifest will confirm availability upon check-in. INSIDE PERSPECTIVE IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE.