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Cancellation & Refunds Policy


If you need to change, or cancel, your reservation, you must call us at 1-866-564-JUMP (5867) and speak with manifest. You cannot change or cancel your reservation online at this time.

All reservations may be changed or cancelled, with any deposits paid being fully refundable, up until 48 hours before your scheduled reservation time. If you are changing or cancelling your reservation with less than 48 hours notice, the amount paid as a deposit becomes non-refundable, however, if you choose to reschedule, the amount paid as a deposit can still be used towards your rescheduled skydive. If you are a no-show, the amount paid as a deposit is forfeited.

If you are changing or cancelling your reservation because of bad weather, there is no cancellation fee! As skydiving is a fair weather sport, if the forecast indicates that you may not be able to jump, you are free to reschedule, even on the same day. If you're on a fixed schedule and must cancel because of the weather, you are also free to do so, and we will refund you the amount paid as a deposit.



If you are seeking a refund for a prepaid voucher that was purchased through a group buying site, such as WagJag or Groupon, you must contact the provider that sold the prepaid voucher. If refunds are permitted, they will be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions in effect with the group buying site. Niagara Skydive Centre cannot issue refunds for prepaid vouchers sold by group buying sites.

Please note that our Refund Policy applies only to amounts paid at our drop zone upon your check-in and registration for your skydive. For deposits, please consult the above Cancellation Policy.

We provide a straightforward refund policy for peace of mind and clarity. Any sum that you pay Niagara Skydive Centre for skydiving, including tandem, solo, and PFF skydive rates, and for any chosen camera packages, are fully refundable. There is, however, one exception (depending on your skydive):

  • For Tandem, as soon as you board your flight, all sums paid become non-refundable.
  • For Solo IAD and Progressive Freefall, all sums paid are non-refundable upon completion of ground school.

Whether because the weather suddenly changes after your flight has already taken off, forcing the aircraft to return to land, or you change your mind after takeoff and decide not to jump, refunds are no longer available.

> For flights that are forced to return to land due to a sudden change in weather, we will provide you with a raincheck for the specific dollar amount that you paid, so as to be inclusive of the service(s) and/or package(s) you paid for.

> If you change your mind after takeoff and decide not to jump, unfortunately, your jump will have been spent, and no rainchecks or refunds will be issued. If you're unsure about jumping, or have any concerns prior to boarding your flight, be sure to speak with your instructor before boarding.