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NSC Price Match Guarantee   

We pride ourselves in setting affordable and competitive prices. However, if you find a cheaper price for a Tandem or Solo Skydive, we will match that price! Simply bring us proof of the lower price, and we’ll match it on the spot.

The NSC Price Match Guarantee only applies to the promotional price of a Tandem or Solo Skydive advertised at drop zones in the GTA. All other drop zones  and group buying sites such as Groupon and WagJag excluded. Price must be displayed on the company’s website, and the customer wishing to take advantage of the NSC Price Match Guarantee must bring printed proof. Electronic copies or mobile versions will not be accepted. Coupons from other drop zones will not be accepted, and the promotional price at the competing drop zone must be currently valid. The NSC Price Match Guarantee is subject to change without notice.

Save up to $100 on your first skydive experience!

Keep a watchful eye on third party group retailers, such as Groupon and WagJag, for our amazing promotional price of $100 off the regular price of a Tandem Skydive, or $50 off the price of a First Solo Jump! Offer is limited, so act fast!




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