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Niagara Central Airport
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Pelham, Ontario, L3B 5N6



Meet Our Staff


Tim Grech

Jumps: 6,000+
First Jump:September 1, 1984
Favorite part of skydiving: It never gets boring!
Licenses/Certificates: Skydiving Instructor A, Instructor B, Instructor PFF, Tandem Master, Jump Master, Videographer
  • Full time Skydiver
  • Degree in Business from Niagara College (Marketing Major)
  • Tandem evaluator certified by Strong Tandem Manufactures
  • Past Chair of the Coaching Working Committee for the CSPA
  • Participated in the 2000 300-way World Record attempts
  • Commercial Aircraft Pilot, flown over 1,150 loads of skydivers
  • Aircraft owner
  • Self-employed entrepreneur for 30 years
  • Operates one of the largest Skydiving Operations in the country


Hometown: Ville de Québec, QC
Jumps: 2,000+
Licenses/Certificates: CSPA, USPA, TM, AFF, Videographer


Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Jumps: 3,300+
Goals/Interests: Waterskiing
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: CSPA, USPA, FAI, TM, Videographer


Hometown: Montreal, QC
First Jump:2,000+
Licenses/Certificates: CSPA, USPA, TM, Videographer


Hometown: Italy
Jumps: 5,000+
Licenses/Certificates: CSPA, USPA, TM, Videographer


Hometown: Toronto, ON
Jumps: 3,500+
First Jump:June 2, 1984
Goals/Interests: Reading, Collecting classic TV DVD’s.
Favorite part of skydiving: Every jump, working with new keen skydivers, the camaraderie of jumpers
Licenses/Certificates: CSPA # 1115, D-570, Instructor A, Instructor B, Coach 1, Coach 2, EJY, Rigger “A”
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: I’ve taught over 1,000 students. Keeping active and current in our sport.


Hometown: Dundas, ON
Jumps: 700
First Jump:April 3, 1969
Goals/Interests: Whirled peas
Favorite part of skydiving: The camaraderie, sharing, and the vicarious thrill of jumping with newer jumpers.
Licenses/Certificates: SS1, Coach 1 cert, coach 2 pending, JM
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: Teaching safe skydiving to motivated people including my three daughters!

Leigh Anne

Hometown: Guelph, ON
Jumps: 2,400+
First Jump:August 31, 1991
Goals/Interests: Enjoy life to the fullest. Interests: Cycling, travelling, backpacking, the outdoors, cooking, eating, drinking, reading.
Favorite part of skydiving: I enjoy everything about it, but especially the thrill!
Licenses/Certificates: C-2345, PFF, IB, C1, C2, Videographer, JM, GCI, SSI, SSE, USPA: 114616.
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: Canadian Record - Largest Women's formation 47.


Hometown: Beamsville, ON
Jumps: 500+
Goals/Interests: MMA and Karate
Licenses/Certificates: CSPA "B" CoP, Coach 1, Videographer


Hometown: Barrie, ON
Jumps: 1,500+
First Jump:June 12, 1999
Goals/Interests: Family, camping, fishing, hockey, and golf.
Favorite part of skydiving: Everything! What’s not to love?
Licenses/Certificates: C-COP, Coach 1, Coach 2, Progressive Freefall, Videographer, Tandem Master (Strong Enterprise rated).
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: 10 years in the sport. 10 hours spent in freefall! 10-way formation!


Hometown: Ancaster, ON
Jumps: 1,000
First Jump:April 29, 2006
Goals/Interests: When I’m not skydiving, I’m either chasing a 1-year old around the kitchen or recovering from chasing a 1-year old around the kitchen. My five-year plan is to catch up on sleep.
Favorite part of skydiving: The thing I enjoy most about skydiving is sharing it with new jumpers.
Licenses/Certificates: : C-CoP, Coach 1, Videographer, Tandem Master (Strong Enterprise rated).
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: Zero – a classic underachiever.

I grew up on a farm in Caledon Hills, got a math degree and a job as an I.T. guy before I realised I should be skydiving.



Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Jumps: 1
First Jump:August 3 2019
Goals/Interests: Loves flying and working towards becoming an airline pilot
Licenses/Certificates: Commercial Pilot Licence

Chris (bio coming soon)

Hometown: Lowbanks, ON
Goals/Interests: Flying and flight instructing
Licenses/Certificates: Commercial Pilot Licence

Manifest & Support Staff


Hometown: Pelham, ON
Jumps: 25
First Jump:June 7 2012
Goals/Interests: Flying and traveling, and working towards my Commercial Pilot Licence
Favorite part of skydiving: The people and camaraderie - the best people around are skydivers, and no matter where in the world you are, you will always run into a skydiver that's familiar!
Licenses/Certificates: Private Pilot Licence (A-SELS)


Hometown: Pelham, ON
Jumps: 1
First Jump:July 14 2019
Favorite part of skydiving: The fact that it's just AAHH-MAAZZZ-ING!
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: Three generations of the family, including my daughter and mother, have all jumped with Niagara Skydive!


Jumps: 200
First Jump:April 2017
Goals/Interests: Skydiving, sailing
Favorite part of skydiving: Exit and freefall
Licenses/Certificates: CSPA "B" CoP
Skydiving Accomplishments Achieved to date: Wingsuiting

Lesley (bio coming soon)

Hometown: Timmins, ON
First Jump:Soon!