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If you have any additional questions or concerns that we did not answer here, we encourage you to give us a call, or send us an email. Our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to field all questions for you.

Is there an option of having my skydive videoed or photographed?

Absolutely! Nothing boasts more bragging rights than a Facebook profile photo of you jumping out of an airplane! Our Camera Packages include both video and stills. The video is between 4 and 8 minutes long, depending on how talkative you are. It includes footage of your training, airplane ride, aerial tour of the Falls, freefall and canopy ride. As far as stills are concerned, the camera takes 2 hi-resolution pictures every second, so there are a lot of pics!

If I purchase a camera package, what am I going to receive?

All Camera Packages follow the same structure. Your tandem master, or separate photographer (depending on your choice of package), will capture footage of you starting as soon as you get your gear on. Then, as you walk to the aircraft, they will engage you in some playful conversation about your upcoming experience. Once in the aircraft, they will get some footage of the scenic flight to jump altitude, including the flight over Niagara Falls. When it's time to jump, the camera is trained on you as you excitedly exit the aircraft! Lastly, once back on the ground, your photographer will run up to you, throw you a high-five, and congratulate you on a jump well done!

The video portion of your camera package will range from 4-8 minutes in length, while the photos portion will consist of 200+ images!

How many photos can I expect to get along with my video?

Anywhere between 200 to 500. Yes, you read that correctly! In fact, you're likely get even more than that! Our cameras take two photos every one second while they’re running, and we don't pick or choose what photos we think you'll want. Instead, we let you decide what photos of you jumping out of an airplane are the craziest and best for bragging about with! You should expect to receive your photos within a day (often the same day) of your skydive, via email as a downloadable package.

I have my own action camera. Can I bring that with me on my skydive?

Sorry, but unfortunately, we cannot allow you to bring your own camera for your skydive. This is a rule that is enforced by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, and is entirely for your personal safety. Unless you’re a fully-licenced skydiver, you cannot bring anything other than your jump equipment with you. If you bring friends or family to watch, they are more than welcome to take photos from the ground.

If I purchase a camera package, how will I receive my photos and video?

All of your multimedia will be sent to you by email as a series of downloadable links. Within 24 hours of your skydive, you will receive your 1st email, which will contain the following:

  • Mobile Sneak Peak (MP4)
  • DSLR Stills (Web sized)

Within roughly 5 days of your skydive, you will receive your 2nd email, which will contain the above links, plus the following, to complete your camera package:

  • DSLR Stills (Full Resolution)
  • RAW Video (Unedited)
  • Mobile Movie - Smartphone Edition (Your fully edited skydive experience, optimised for mobile devices and social media sharing)
  • Full Quality Movie (MP4)

In all emails that you'll receive, files that are available for download will display "NOW PLAYING" while files that are still being processed will show as "COMING SOON."

What email address will you send my camera package multimedia downloads to?

We use the email address that you provided when you completed your Smartwaiver electronic check-in form - this is the form that you filled out yourself by clicking Online Check-In here on our website, or by using one of our kiosks at the dropzone. Please make sure that the email address you provide is one that you know is active and have access to. Although we can change your email address after submission, this will cause delays in getting your download emails sent to you.